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Kelly Gerling Photo http://americanprogressivecongress.orgWhat Is an American Progressive Congress?


Kelly Gerling

An American Progressive Congress, as described on this website, is a vision of a new institution that can unite the American progressive citizenry politically.

Why is this needed?

Because we progressives are divided across many axes: political parties, self-identities, issues, non-governmental organizations, and regions.

To unite ourselves politically is a necessary prerequisite for a peaceful, constitutional progressive revolution the objective of which is to make the will of the people the law of the land.

There are others prerequisites as well, such as a clear vision of an improved Constitution or series of democracy amendments, and a mass movement towards such progressive changes.

If America as a nation had a modern Constitution with a multi-party system, and public financing of elections, and a reasonable amending process by the democratic majority, we progressives would be united politically—we’d have our own party. Our party would be like the Green Party in New Zealand, or the Liberal Democrats in the UK. But we don’t, and until then, we’ll be scattered and impotent until then, unless . . . unless we create a new institution to unite us politically.

This site envisions a new institution—an American Progressive Congress. And it envisions the necessity, the process of creating, and the consequences of such an institution. The top three articles on this site, describe the beginnings of this idea in considerable detail. And there is more to come.

Realize that in some cases, the dates of the articles and posts indicate they are fictional—that they haven’t happened yet—they are set into the future. With enough financial support from readers, or a book contract and advance, I’ll speed up my activism about this idea, and a book about it.

To visit my other political site which more broadly describes a progressive revolution in America, go here: progressiverevolution.org

To visit my professional site that describes my work as a change agent for personal change, organizational change, and community change, go here: kellygerling.com